Our services

Information: (+387) 39 661 612

Grioss Ltd. offer these services:

  • collection of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • temporary storage
  • treatment of waste by type
  • final disposal
  • remediation of contaminated sites
  • cleaning separators and tanks for petroleum products.

Collect and dispose of the following wastes:

  • oils, emulsions and oily water
  • oiled solid waste
  • paints and varnishes
  • solvent
  • chemicals
  • pharmaceutical waste
  • electrical and electronic waste
  • protected resources for agriculture
  • transformers and capacitors containing PCBs
  • accumulators and batteries
  • packaging contaminated with hazardous substances
  • construction waste contaminated with asbestos
  • other waste for which we have permission of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism.